Wham! A new comic and a new story arc for you on this fine Monday morn. This week we begin a short series of instructional comics on how to cook a Christmas goose that will please the whole family.

Please enjoy our culinary wisdom,

<3 <3 <3,


(Jokes aside, this comic marks the beginning of a series of comics about how to be happy. They might seem silly or reductive taken one at a time, but I think they’ll make sense and be good when read and judged as a whole. I wrote like 20 or 35 of them, I can’t remember. It’s been a couple months since I wrote these. We’re planning on posting some of the comics in bundles though, so it’ll read a little faster than its actual length.

I wrote this comics because I’m sad a lot, as many other people in the world are. I think one of the worst parts of being sad is how lonely it can be, how your mind tricks you into building a cage around yourself to keep yourself separate from the rest of the world. Part of writing these comics was to admit how sad I am all the time, so myself and others would feel less of that cagey kind of lonely sadness. But I also wanted to write something a little more positive, rather than just something dwelling on what it’s like to be sad all the time, which is why these comics ended up as “how to be happy” rather than “Isn’t it weird being sad all the time?” or something else like that. Being positive is weird and unnatural I think, but also important when you’re a grownup trying to live life, which is what I guess I am, so here we are.

Hopefully you guys like these comics. They’re a little different, but I think they still bring that Lead Paint humor that most of you love/tolerate along with your morning coffee.)

“One Red Thread” –Blind Pilot