Hiyo! New comic and happy July everyone! Let us celebrate in the traditional fashion, shaking our fists at the sun and decrying its abject cruelty. Couple other things:

  • Magic: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014 is out. You can add “MikeCornnell” on Steam if you have it and wanna challenge me to a duel.
  • Saw someone with Google Glass in Starbucks yesterday. My joy at seeing wearable computing reach the East Coast was matched equally by the eye-rolling disappointment I felt at realizing it was the property of 25 year-old hipster who drove an Audi A4 convertible. So, hooray for breaking even I guess!
  • Dana has added a bunch of sketches to her blog. You can check them out at http://danawulf.tumblr.com.

<3 Mike

“End of You” –Sleater Kinney