Happy Monday nerds. Got a new comic for you to get your May started right.

Had a question come through on Formspring (which I thought had closed down?) that I thought I would share:

Q: Which comic was the first appearance of Butt Dog? Also, is there any chance of any posters, prints, etc of Butt Dog appearing somewhere anytime? moar Butt Dog. please?

A: The first appearance of Butt Dog was here: http://www.leadpaintcomics.com/2011/11/14/denny. Is there a chance for Butt Dog prints or posters? Sure! We don’t have anything concrete planned as of now, but I could definitely see some showing up in the near future. As for more Butt Dog in general, I’m not currently writing anything with him in it, but I’m sure he’ll appear again sooner or later.

For anyone else wondering about a store in general, I’m still a few weeks out before starting work on one. I’ve got one or two blocks of scripts I need to finish, but after that, I should be able to set one up. Having never built a web store before, I’m not sure how long it’ll take or how many critical precursor steps I’m forgetting about as I write this (“register our business, know how mail works,” etc.) but I’ll be starting on it soon all the same.

I appreciate everyone’s interest in a store and merch tons. It’s extremely uplifting, sometimes giving me a reason to literally get up off my bedroom floor and continue making comics.

<3 Mike

“Arsenic” –The Loved Ones