Once again, super-glad my whole family reads this comic.

Weekly news extravaganza:

  • Still playing through the new Tomb Raider. The game continues to be amazing. I’ve recently unlocked the shotgun, which has  transformed me into a close-combat engine of death, and the fire-arrows, which has transformed me into someone who delights in setting his enemies on fire. I’m also finally getting the hang of climbing around and exploring, giving the whole game a kind of Spider-Man/Batman feel, if Spider-Man or Batman liked to blast their enemies to bits at close-range with a shotgun.
  • Finally has some success writing comics this weekend. It was nice to have a writing session that didn’t end in a mess of overcomplicated garbage or wanting to to jump, head-first, into 80-mph New Jersey highway traffic.
  • At the cafe where I was writing today, I was sitting near these two hipster girls that I couldn’t help eavesdrop on. Their conversation was perfect in its cliche totality: They went from how the one girl should “really become a poet, because even though there’s not a lot of money in it you’re still doing what you love,” to getting a text from a friend who seriously said she was going to be getting an abortion while also using the phrase “no bueno,” to talking about how Noam Chomsky works for Al Jazeera. In fairness, these are fine and normal and totally reasonable things to talk about, but seriously, sometimes I’m dumbstruck over how flawlessly stereotypical hipster conversations are. It’s like, anyone would look at these girls and think, “they’re going to talk about Noam Chomsky and abortions and poetry,” and they’d be right, which is normal I guess to a degree, but also weirdly marvelous and hysterical?

<3 Mike

“Since You’ve Been Gone/Maps” –Ted Leo