Comic about the lovely Penny-Arcade game. It’s pretty cool, it plays like an old-school Final Fantasy (turn-based combat, classes that you can level up) that’s had some of the crappier gameplay elements improved and modernized (limited grinding, magic points count up instead of down). If you’re a fan of classic RPGs, I’d recommend checking the game out. Also, pretty great on an iPhone!

Finished my first comic script since we’ve gone to a slower update schedule. It feels great to take my time and really work and polish a single idea, and I think you’ll all really like the comic when you see it. It’s about classic mythology—everyone’s favorite! And by everyone, I mean me! Sometimes!

Other than that, not much new I guess. I just started reading Seven Kings, which has been pretty fucking good so far (undead kings, a forgotten race of terrible lizard apes, an escaped slave on a bloody mission of revenge, etc.), and posted a little bit of extraneous sass to my Tumblr.

<3 Mike

“Existentialism on Prom Night” –Straylight Run