New comic today! Hooray!

This is an older comic (part of the backlog I talked about here), but I thought it would be nice to share before the Super Bowl, a.k.a. “the last beer commercial hell before I watch a couple games of the World Series.”

Couple other items of news for  you all:

  • Another new comic will be up next Monday
  • We’ve signed up for Mocca 2013, this time with a FULL TABLE. (How Bourgeois!) I think we’re gonna have a new little book to sell, some new buttons, and maybe one other thing (not sure what exactly: Danes and I are entertaining a couple different ideas)

Thank you everyone who signed up to our Twitter/Facebook/Tumblrs/Email list over the last few weeks. Glad you’re excited for bigger, better comics from us. We definitely can’t wait to share them with you!

<3 Mike

“Their Party Days” –Magenta Lane