Little bit from the “try and not drive your girlfriend insane file.” Also in there: Cleaning your beard hairs out of the sink and not calling her monopolization of the X-box “Hitleresque.”

Just finished reading “Marvel Comics: The Untold Story.” A must-read for anyone who works in comics or publishing, the book is an excellent history of how Marvel’s financial history and practices have woven through its creative side. Probably a decent read for any comics fan as well, though the book is very focused on the business history of the company and the different ways it’s treated its creative staff over the years. There are a bunch of cool anecdotes about how a lot of Marvel’s characters were created, from the Human Torch and Sub-Mariner to Grant Morrison’s X-Men, but mostly it’s about the trials and struggles of Marvel as a company. Also a lot of interesting philosophy and perspective on whether work-for-hire contracts are ethical or not. Does an good job of showing both sides of the issue, without really taking sides.

Anyway read it if you care about that kind of stuff I guess!

<3 Mike

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