New Zealand Clap-claps: A serious condition vastly under-reported in the cartoonist population.

Couple things going on right now:

  • Currently watching the Giants-Green Bay game. Aaron Rogers is rocking absolutely the worst mustache ever. Also if the Giants don’t win this game I’m going to go shit in the street like a common drug addict.
  • I’m reading “Marvel Comics: The Untold Story” right now. I’m only 100 or so pages in, but so far it’s great. I highly recommend reading it if you work in publishing/illustration/animation or are a writer/artist interested in Marvel or its history. The book is great and seems well-researched (though this is my first Marvel bio so I dunno). It gets into the personal relationships of all the creators (Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Roy Thomas, Neal Adams, all those guys), their creative processes, how they worked together, how they fought and treated each other, what their publishers and bosses were like, what their competitors were like, what books did well and what sucked, what they caught shit for in the press, how they felt about their careers and what they really wanted to be doing with their lives, really almost everything you could want to know about Marvel and its creators. It’s fascinating.
  • I drank so much coffee this weekend there’s a good chance it was illegal. But, I was fairly productive, which I guess is worth becoming a felon for.

Nobody tell the cops!

<3 Mike

“Dreams Old Men Dream” –Cold War Kids