I love the fonts/handwriting and the neat squiggles Dana did in the first two panels. Also, if you’re curious about all the words covered up in the second panel, here is the full list:

“First Dates Politics Commercials Pharmaceuticals Lies told to Children Lies told to Parents Marketing Taxes Personal Lending Small Business Lending School Loans Mortgages Eulogies Wedding Vows Yearbooks Sales Psychology Photo Albums Statistics Wikipedia Job Interviews Resumes Branding Organic Foods Expensive Clothing Tanning Salons Personal Trainers The Stock Market Philosophy Altruism Job Satisfaction Basketball Shoes Major News Media Small Town Journalism Memoir Writing Nonfiction Fiction Friendship Law Conversation Love Death.”

Anyway this is sort of depressing and cynical I guess, but whatever! It’s late and as I write this, and I need to get some sleep so I can move on to some happier butt jokes for you all in the a.m.

<3 Mike

“Good Things” –Sleater Kinney