Boom! And with that, we’re all done with this year’s Halloween comics. I hope you liked them! Dana and I always have fun making them, though I think we’re both ready to get back to the non-supernatural for a while. (Nothing like a good, unhaunted dick joke, you know?)

Some bittersweet news: After today, Lead Paint will be dropping back to 2 updates a week, every Monday and Weds. We would have liked to continue with the 3-a-week indefinitely, but it’s just too much to effectively keep the quality and volume up (especially for two saps who are still working full-time day jobs). So, we’ve decided to sacrifice volume rather than quality. I’m sure you all understand.

Dana and I have several huge LP-projects that have been stuck in half-done limbo for months now, and we’d really like to get them out of the purgatorial imagination dimension. At two updates a week, we should be able to get them to you in the next couple of months. (Haha MONTHS! Time is such ridiculous, tortuous bullshit.) Of the two projects that are closest to being done, I can absolutely say they’re worth the wait. It’s been months since I’ve worked on the most-complete one, and I still think about it all the time and get super-dooper, Christmas-morning pumped. Considering that I usually hate everything I write in about 4 seconds, it’s a really good sign that I’m still caring about this project after all this time. Or, you know, a horrible sign, but whatever!

Once these projects start wrapping up, we’ll be posting them on Fridays. So, Fridays updates will be back in the future, just a little more sporadically than they are now. But, they’ll be HUGE comics or something else of equivalent joy-creation. So, that’s pretty cool, right?

Anyway, thanks for reading guys! See you all next Monday! Also …


<3 Mike

“Lead Poisoning” –Alkaline Trio