BLAM! A rare video game joke!* Next stop, that hot Penny-Arcade money!

I’m preparing my sled full of drugs now.**

<3 Mike

“Cooking Wine” –Alkaline Trio

*In the Castlevania video game series, where your job is usually to kill Dracula, there are candlesticks throughout the levels that you can break for powerups like ammo and money. Many of the Castlevania games are exquisite, and if you’ve never played them you’re missing out on some of the best gaming ever. Sadly I think most of great Castlevanias are available for the Nintendo DS only, but I do believe you can get Symphony of the Night on XBOX arcade.

** I’m not saying the PA guys do drugs, I’m saying that if I ever had more than $40 dollars it would mean the beginning of my comically irresponsible death.