True story: I tried to give blood once. Not only were the nurses (?) not able to get any from my arm, I also fainted and fell on my face about 5 minutes afterward. When I woke up, I was ringed by doctors and nurses, all looking at me, concerned. My first words?

“I was dreaming …”

Cue laughter, then me getting banned from the office blood drive. Note: If it’s your first time donating blood, make sure to eat a decent dinner (not graham crackers and peanut butter like I had) and get something for breakfast (not just a glass of water and a frown, which used to be my go-to). Apparently your body’s blood production is tied to how much you eat? Who knew*?!

<3 Mike

“Calling all Skeletons (Damnesia Version)” –Alkaline Trio

*Everyone but me apparently.