I’ve never actually seen The Blob, but I’ve always felt like it’s the worst monster ever. Like, couldn’t you beat it with just a bucket and lid? Or maybe a really good ziplock bag?

Mmm, not much else going on I guess! Bunch of writing I need to finish for the Danes tonight, then onto a few other boring comic things. I’ve been finished writing the Halloween comics for a week or so now, which is nice. Back to less structured jokes, which is always a little more fun for me  for some reason (Just finished a draft of a long list of things that scare me to death that I think is pretty funny, but also oddly emotionally satisfying to script, for example). Few more weeks of plugging away at the butt jokes (heh), I should be able to get back to working on some really cool and different scripts. So, onward and upward with life and all that crap!

<3 Mike

“Into the Night” –Alkaline Trio