An oddly well-timed strip, given the recent release of the new iPhone. Like all things that seem planned with the comic however, its apparent timeliness is actually just a trick of the light, a coincidental flash of sparky cultural awareness tossed off by nothing more than a chance wind and the whirling, uncontrolled fire of bitterness that’s immolating my heart away pretty much 24/7, burning me up into dusty, dead pieces, yet for some reason also making me tell jokes about head trauma and men having sex with monstrous, lab-grown chocolate-bar Frankensteins.

Sayin’ we don’t plan much, peeps! And also that I’ve got at least a handful of brain/personality issues going on!

Good thing they’re all hilarious I guess!

<3 Mike

“Fear and Loathing on Long Island” –Latterman