Straight gospel from someone who knows.

Hey peeps, WANNA SEE SOMETHING COOL? We have a guest comic up on the wonderful webcomic I Think You’re Saucesome! Saucesome is a gorgeous comic, 1/2 food and recipe journal, 1/2 weight loss diary. There’s a lot of great and honest writing about self esteem that is just fantastic, clever and pretty much must-read. I highly recommend reading it right from the beginning to get all the sweet insights on defeating self-loathing via great wisdom. The food writing is great too, but you know how do at Lead Paint: We’re mostly into the beautiful combat with a poor self esteem.

Sarah (Saucesome’s author) is working on a new book and was looking for some guest crumblics, and she was kind enough to take one from us (presumably because she wanted to see if we could tell one joke without swearing. Turns out we can! Who knew?!) You can see it right now, on the Saucesome homepage. I’m pretty proud of it, so please check it out and let us know what you think!

<3 Mike

“Razor Burn (live)” –Lagwagon