Wrote this one way back, when I was watching the new Battlestar series for the first time. I thought the show was great overall, at times very clever and thrilling, but the whole fuck -> frak thing just KILLED me every time. I get that it’s set far in the future, with a substantially different social structure and culture, BUT WHY WOULD FUCK BE THE ONLY WORD THAT’S DIFFERENT? Even if there was some plot detail I missed and there was a meaningful justification, I’ll be honest: It’s still dumb. For a show that was pretty serious and uncorny, the addition of a pretend curse word was just awful and jarring to no end.

Anyway that’s what I think about a small detail on a TV show that’s been off-the-air for almost 4 years.

For our stateside readers, have a nice labor day weekend!

<3 Mike

“Walking Disaster” –Sum41