“Jorts,” or “Jort” as an adjective, is a top-100 for me, just saying. Also our favorite pup looks dapper-as-shit in a fedora.

Guys I don’t want to be “that weirdo,” but today is my birthday! My plans for the day:

  • Vidya’ games
  • Candy breakfast
  • High-class coffee
  • Put the finishing touches on a really cool, mammoth project I’m working on for Dana Danes
  • A gentleman’s lunch
  • Finish watching Lord of the Rings
  • Work on fixing this hacked-ass site
  • A nap? (It would be about the right time of day)
  • Dinner with my lady
  • Cookie-cake with my mom
  • Probably watch a little TV with the GF, then head to sleep! Early, because I’m old as fuck!

I hope you all have a nice Wednesday as well. Eat some candy in my honor!

<3 Mike