Big and sassy are the two worst traits for a lovehandle have.

Hacked site update: Making progress! I figured out what’s wrong with the site (being backdoored by a hack called “filesman”). The thing that stinks about being backdoored (heh) is you have to figure out where the door is it’s using to get into your site and close it. I’m going to tell you a little secret about Lead Paint: Our site infrastructure is pretty slipshod! Big surprise I know, but it means that there are a lot of doors that I have to figure out how to close. Some are easy, others are a little more “house-of-cards-y” that if I fuck up I can break some things. I’m pretty positive I can do it all, it’s just going to to take me a little while. Thanks for being patient in the meantime everyone!

<3 Mike

“Faster Ride” — Cartel