Some couples just can’t catch a break.

Hacked Site Update: Still working on it! Mostly in the “figuring out what happened/plugging holes stage.” (Thank you everyone who as offered/given help by the way. Your kindnesses are a light in our hearts, for sure.) I don’t really know a lot about programming, so it’s taking me a bit longer than I’d like. Also, I’ve been slightly distracted this weekend, with this addition to my life:


Meet Constable Sunshine! She’s a Beagle puppy my girlfriend and I adopted this weekend. She’s about a year old, a rescue from S.O.S. Beagles. She’s happy, healthy and mellow for the most part, just a little skittish from whatever hellhole she came from before the rescue got her. Her full origins are unknown, the rescue says they received her as a stray, but she has some kind of tracking tattoo in her ear, so I’m sure wherever she used to live probably wasn’t all sunshine and organic dog treats. But otherwise, like I said she’s a super-happy and healthy puppy. Majorly into napping, so obviously we’ve got pretty compatible personalities/going to be best-friend co-captains of team “let’s nap all day.”

Hopefully she knows how to fix broken fucking websites.

<3 Mike

“Swan Dive” –Strung Out