The Moon hates Obamacare because it’s seen a lot of Ron Paul YouTube videos and is pretty interested in some of the stuff he has to say.

Boy, the political news cycle sure is the worst, right? I don’t really have anything smart to say about it though, especially since there are some really perfect and genius criticisms out there already. I will say though, the news we get is almost definitely the news we actually want. News conglomerates aren’t made by publishing stories no one wants to read, they’re made by repeatedly printing stories that will be read by the highest number of people, most regularly. That’s how money is made in news, and it’s the only way. Altruism and dishonesty are irrelevant in reporting–All that matters is being interesting enough to attract a big reader base that lets you turn a profit on ads and/or subscriptions.

So the next time you’re pissed about Fox News/Huffington Post publishing a story about how Jeb Bush once told an IHOP waitress she was “pretty” or how Hillary Clinton doesn’t like pizza, don’t blame the publishers and writers*, blame idiots who like to read shallow crap! They’re be no McDonalds if people didn’t like the taste of cheap, easy-to-swallow meat, if you know what I’m saying.

<3 Mike

“The only moment we were alone” –Explosions in the Sky

*This is I suppose debatable. Certainly a sliver of writing integrity wouldn’t hurt a publisher’s bottom line, and you’ll get no argument from me that a lot of these organizations seem to revel in perpetuating our lowest-common-denominator news world, but my point here is that dishonest and specious news writing would more or less not exist if no one ever wanted to read it.