The return of our favorite Doctor.

Guys, the 2013 version of Magic the Gathering–Duels of the Planeswalkers game comes out next Weds. If you’re a lapsed Magic player, think about getting this game! It takes everything you loved about Magic (the gameplay, deck customization) and gets rid of everything you hated (4 million cards to memorize and keep track of, neck-breaking cheese decks, the soul-shittingly insane cost of actually playing).

The game includes 10 decks, each customizable within a range of 12 cards. So you can tweak deck mechanics pretty well, but not enough that you can completely change the play of a deck, which adds a nice element of learning/strategy to things I think. The multiplayer was pretty solid and well-populated in the 2012 version, but the computer AI is good too if you like playing solo. I thought the last version of the game was pretty well balanced, though not enough to be boring. There was definitely a top-middle-bottom tier of decks, and I found it fun to play through with each one to evaluate its muscle and see if I could make it competitive or not. Also each time you win a match with a deck, you unlock a new card (up to 12), which is amazing, though I’ll be honest, I got dem brain probs that makes me crave all unlockables always.

Last time the game was like $10 bucks (with a few expansion deck backs sold for like 5 bucks), which seems like a pretty good deal to me. According to Steam, I clocked 141 hours (ah!) on the last version, which works out to like $0.07 cents per hour (not counting expansion costs, so maybe it’s closer to like $0.14). Trailer and a few screenshots up at Joystiq here.

Anyway Magic is awesome and cheap! Everyone who likes fun and/or sorcery should play!

<3 Mike

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