Weirdly the latest trend in the East Coast dessert scene! See you in hell cupcakes, water ice and overall responsible eating!

If you’re at a yogurt place, be sure to load it up on the tops*! You know you’re doing it right if your mom, sister, girlfriend and girlfriend’s mom all make fun of you for being a disgusting child**.

Went to the beach this weekend, had a chance to catch up on a little reading, which means it’s time for …


Guys the new Swamp Thing series is awesome. I know it sounds horrible because it’s called Swamp Thing and your best guess is that it’s about some dumb plant guy who solves dumb plant problems, but man, let me tell you, those plant problems are fucking serious. I read the first issue and was like “I think I just saw a nightmare happen?”

Sometimes when you read a superhero book, the plot/bad guy doesn’t really express a strong sense of threat and risk and everything gets boring quick. “Oh no Magneto has a bomb he’s going to set off in Antarctica.” “There is an average-sized robot causing a ruckus in Metropolis.” “Dr. Octopus is out of jail and trying to kill Spider-man for some reason.” Yawn-city, right?

Well not in fucking Swamp Thing. I don’t want to spoil anything, but I will say that when you first see the bad guy in Swamp Thing #1, he’ll definitely make an impression on you. And also you’ll be much more interested in bug spray. And also you won’t be reading any more issues after dark. But mostly, you’ll really, really be rooting for Swamp Thing to stop the bad guy.

That’s not to say the book is perfect. Some of the plot is a little cookie-cutter, and bits of the backstory are a little confusing even for an Alpha-class superhero comic historian like me. But once you get back past those disjointed character history bumps, the book is exquisite. There’s just page-after-page of cool moments and imagery, the plot is sprawling and laden with all these interesting ideas yet somehow keeps a solid forward momentum, and the paneling has this organic flow and shape to it that is just beautiful.

Issue one is up on Comixology for $0.99, and I think back issues are $1.99. Check it out if you like action/horror stories with a cool bad guy and killer art!

<3 Mike

“City of Angels” –The Distillers

*This is how kids are abbreviating toppings these days.

** Happened to me personally so I know it’s true.