Bonk! End of the Mocca Comics! If you missed the first few, you can jump to the beginning right here.

There are lot of problems with me trying to sign things. I have what is known as “shit” handwriting for one. My hands also sweat constantly, which, because I hold pens wrong, i.e., not the three-fingered way you learn in kindergarten but like I’m pushing a tiny broom, I smear any ink I lay pretty much immediately. I’ve also developed this weird problem where my mind jumps ahead of what I’m trying to write, causing me to skip words and letters on accident like I’m a caveman who just learned what writing was about an hour ago. So, sorry to everyone who asked me to sign books! As you can see I’ve got a lot of obstacles to clarity tied up in my sweaty mitts.

So tired at the end of the show, but in a good way. That kind of “Well that was emotionally and physically exhausting, but it was worth every energy-draining, stressed-packed second” way? You know, like what it feels like when you beat a police interrogation or finally exorcise that ghost that’s been relentless haunting the porn folder on your desktop.

Talkin’ about primal, shared experiences here people.

<3 Mike

“Hotdog in a Hallway” –NOFX