More journal comics from our time at MOCCA this year. If you missed the first batch, check ‘dem out right here.

Our first book sale was also the first time someone asked us to sign and sketch in some of our work. It was cool because the guy (who was super nice and friendly) puzzled out the meaning of Lead Paint pretty quick and started chatting us up about the appeal of brain-damaging comics. So obviously that was pretty cool and validating. He (fairly) asked Dana to sketch someone with brain damage in his book, which was just such an amazing and profoundly hilarious moment for us. Not that there’s anything wrong with sketching someone with brain damage, definitely fair game considering our comic’s title, it was just a request that caught Dana and I off guard. I’ll never forget the look Dana gave me, very much a “Oh god help me you asshole also I fucking hate you and your lame sense of humor.” Classic.

Dear Guy who was writing comics he liked down on his arm: I very much love that you’re into our comic and am flattered for the display of interest. I don’t really like to tell people they’re weird, I write comics about puking hamburger men for fun after all, I’m just saying, paper is not a new invention.

Check back on Friday for the last bundle of MOCCA journals!

<3 Mike

“Stockton to Malone” –The YMD