Some black and white comics for you all, just for this week. Dana and I had some journal-y comics we wanted to share from when we exhibited at MOCCA this year.

This was our first con ever and I was pretty nervous/nearly incapacitated with anxiety. I’m not sure why. The practicality of setting up for a show really isn’t that hard (move some stuff, sign some other stuff, smile at some other OTHER living breathing stuff), and there was nothing at stake if we totally bombed, but I dunno, it just kind of got in my head. You spend all your time trying to write these perfect butt jokes, and then when you’re faced with 7 or 8,000 strangers who may be completely bored by said butt jokes, it’s kind of scary. I mean I know it’s dumb, there are plenty of people who do like our comics, so I really shouldn’t worry about what a bunch of other people think about them, but I do. I always want everyone everywhere to like all of my jokes, which is crazy for a lot of reasons, but mostly it’s because that’s not how humor works. It’s never the same for everybody and who cares if some people hate your stuff as long as others like it, which I know and believe 100%, but whenever I put our work out there I always, always forget and am like, “Oh man I hope the whole Earth laughs at this joke about a doctor who performs surgery with tiny buttock-hands because if they don’t I’m just the worst hack that’s ever lived.”  It’s definitely a feeling I’m getting better at rationalizing away, but every once and a while it will just lay me out.

Anyway as you can see I’ve got what doctors and girlfriends call “brain problems,” which among other things caused me to end up buying like 9,000 more boxes of ancillary materials then we actually needed. This led to about 8,999 boxes being jammed under our table. It made setting up and making our table look nice sort of hilarious, since there was just no end to things that either had to go places or go not-visible places. But, we got it done, which is very much all that matters!

As you can probably guess from the previous few paragraphs, selling our first book was a HUGE relief to me. Also the guy who bought it was so nice, and asked Dana and I to sign and sketch in his book, which also a first for me. A very cool moment that I’ll hopefully never forget.

More MOCCA stories to come on Weds.! Thanks for reading everyone! Also remember that I’m out of town this week, so my ability to chat with you all well be way lower for a bit. Sorry!

<3 Mike

“Fortune Days” — Glitch Mob