Welp, looks like we just won art! Everyone pack up your pens and dreams, show’s over. Nobody needs to express any part of the human condition again, cause we pretty much nailed it in three panels.

Speaking of the death of art, there’s an interesting article up on the WSJ that briefly profiles/zings the shit out of the modern comics industry. Not a long read, the article just teases you with a few questions and theories about why a movie like the Avengers can make more money than almost anything, yet the comics industry for the most part is still very much in the crapper.

(Hint: The answer is because 99% of modern superhero comics are terrible.)

It doesn’t cover a lot of new ground if you’re a long-participating comics fan like myself, but the article’s writing is nevertheless sniper-sharp. I recommend giving it a read for the sass-mouth alone.

<3 Mike

“A World without Melody” –Bad Religion