Always fun to keep it real with the kids.

Saw the Avengers this weekend. It was pretty good! Flagrant action-porn, but as far as those things go it was some of the best I’ve seen in a long time. Definitely 10 or 11 moments where I was squeezing my girlfriend’s leg and just losing my shit at what was going on. Lots and lots has been written about this movie already, so I’ll try and cover some some stuff that I feel like has gone unmentioned so far:

  • Black Widow/ScarJo was not terrible! She had a handful of impressive scenes and for the most part seemed like just one of the guys, i.e. not just a sexist eye-candy tack-on. I mean don’t get me wrong, there was still some ScarJo-plotation where they’re showing off her hotness and the whatnot, but beyond that she really didn’t fall into the standard lady-in-a-superhero-movie crap trap (or at least minimally anyway). No whining, no damsel in distress torture, no romantic subplots, no convincing men to be heroes through the power of love. It was nice! She was actually kind of a badass, which was cool. Had some of my favorite bad guy kills in the movie actually.
  • Loki had great dialogue. There was really only one cornball scene I can think of off the top of my head, everything else was just psychotic and venomous and awesome. He has this whole suave prince-of-darkness thing going on that makes this really great juxtaposition with how crazy and evil and murderous he is. Definitely super-interesting, and the actor who plays him does a killer job of delivering his lines with a painful and desperate and crazy, gritting sincerity. I loved almost every scene he was in. Had some good moments with all the characters, but especially Thor, Iron Man and Black Widow.
  • The after-credits reveal is wet-your-pants amazing if you’re really into comics.

<3 Mike

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