Looks like someone can finally scratch “get a few thousand people to read a comic about an old man masturbating at hockey players” off his bucket list. Next up? The reverse scenario.

This weekend was MOCCA! I’d love to tell you all about it, but I’m writing this post way in the past, Weds. if you’re curious, assuming that on Sunday I was going to be more of a melted, exhausted pile of sleep than usual. Sorry! I’ll write you all about it soon, I promise. Right now though, Wednesday Mike is so excited!

It doesn’t even seem real that I’m going to be exhibiting at a comic convention in a few days. I was explaining to Dana the other day how happy I am about it, and the best way I could frame it was that it feels like being a kid on Christmas Eve again. It’s that flooding, hyperactive joy at the anticipated fun-explosion of the next morning.

I can’t remember the last time I was ever this happy. Thank you everyone for reading and following our work. Your donations and site traffic have paid for our exhibit, your kind comments and emotional support have pushed us along and given us the courage to show our work in a larger setting. You’ve given us a wonderful gift, at least a portion of which we’ll try not to squander on butt jokes and self-indulgent rantings about how the postal service is controlling us all via microchips planted in our sex toys.

<3 Mike

Song for the week: “The First Day of Autumn” — Screeching Weasel