Haters gonna hate, but they’re also going to miss out on some good decapitating TV.

Guys don’t forget if you’re in the NYC area, we’re going to be at the MOCCA comic convention on the 28th and 29th. Click here for the full news post.

Now with that out of the way, looks like it’s time for another …

Books I am reading and have thoughts about:

Saga: The second issue came out this week, and it was a lot better than the first. The plot is adding layers and getting less cliche in a real nice way, mostly through bonkers-ass monsters and fun magic crap (this is the best way for anything to be interesting, fyi). So, much more interesting than the first issue, which I thought was kind of dull.

Avengers vs. X-men: Spent a hilarious 4 dollars on the first issue (btw jesus christ Marvel what gives?), could not have been more bored. Lots of unnecessary talking and lackluster action, plus the overall plot is pretty bleh (The Phoenix Force is coming back and people are happy/mad about that). If you want good guy vs. good guy battles that isn’t the most boring thing ever,  just re-read Civil War!. That had some awesome fights in it, plus kind of a different plot.

Batman: Batman proper (so not the “Detective Comics” series, which I’m currently not reading) is still really great! Some of the best Batman I’ve read in years. Also, a new villain that’s actually pretty awesome, which is always exciting in these series that lean so heavily on legacy villains for their plots.

IDW’s Dungeons and Dragons Ongoing: This was on sale this week for like 99 cents a book on ComiXology. I bought a whole bunch, and they’re not too bad! I mean they’re not like Preacher or even the Walking Dead, but if you like D&D, they’re kind of fun. I’m like 6 issues in and the plot is starting to get confusing, which is always a huge aggravation and pet peeve of mine, but there are some cool moments and the art is pretty solid.

<3 Mike

Song for this week: “I’ll stop the rain” –  Screeching Weasel