Speaking of whatever is happening in today’s comic, I am playing a lot of fun video games right now! What’s that, you want me to tell you about them? Well if you’re going to twist my arm …

ATOM ZOMBIE SMASHER: This game is pretty fun! It’s like one-player Risk (so just you vs. the zombies) that has a moderately challenging tower-defense “kill-the-zombies, rescue-the-people” game in between each round. If you like tower defense games, this one is worth picking up I think, especially since there’s a decent amount of replay value in playing the campaign over and over (the levels, maps and soldiers you get are more or less random each match). My only complaint is that it doesn’t take long to figure out how to really cream the computer in the campaign, and after that the overall challenge of the game really drops off. Granted there are a lot of difficulty tweaks you can do in the options menu to make the game tougher, but I feel like there’s no moderation in the choices, meaning it’s either make the game “well I want to die” hard or just continue sleeping through the normal difficulty. I don’t know, maybe I’m just being a wimp and hiding from the difficulty tweaks, as is my way (both in video games AND life).

BASTION: Picked this up for the Xbox, also pretty fun! It’s like a 16-bit Ratchet and Clank, if you’re familiar with that fantastic series. Otherwise, Bastion is a top-down shooter/light platformer where you collect different weapons that you can upgrade and pair in different ways, giving you a lot of choices on how you want to kill things.  The story, art and sound are all pretty fun too. The game’s plot revolves around you waking up on a floating island and having to rebuild and solve the mystery of this crumbling sky-world. The whole game has a steampunk-western vibe, and has this cool play-by-play narration of your adventures by this guy who sounds just like Sam Elliot. I’m not too far into the game yet, but it seems pretty good so far.

PLANTS VS. ZOMBIES: I am still playing this ridiculous game. I have like 3 achievements to get before I’ve cleared every one, and I’ll be damned if I let some bullshit crypto-zombie get the best of me.

<3 Mike