Lead Paint will be dropping to one update per week, starting this week. Mondays will become our solitary update day, at least for a little while (3-4 months maybe? Not really sure! Could be forever!)

Dana and I are very sorry if this disappoints anyone, and promise it’s not a decision we took lightly. It was mostly a practicality call: We’re working on a lot of big Lead Paint side projects that are necessary for us to advance our work and make cool things for you all, and the workload is starting to become onerous for us both. For the most part, the projects are either highly technical or things we otherwise can’t afford to fuck up. We hope you all understand, it’s just a matter of creating the best possible comics and Lead-Paint miscellany for you all. It’s what you guys deserve for being so wonderful and reading our silly comic for so long, and it’s what we’re going to do our best to give you.

For what it’s worth, we’re also going to be making some creative tweaks to future comics, so though you’re getting less Lead Paint per week, in a few weeks you’lll (hopefully) notice the comics being way more awesome overall.

Thanks guys, as always Dana and I are inconsolably and weepingly appreciative of your support and readership. See you next Monday,

<3 Mike