Things you would want to be more intestiney: Cat food, and … well I don’t know what else.


A Fun Thing: The online video game store Steam is currently having a Halloween sale on select titles. You can buy fun games like Plants vs. Zombies, Terraria or Left4Dead on sale, but you need to hurry because it ends today! I already bought my games (Zombie Atom Smasher, Zombie Shooter, Terraria and Dungeons of Dredmor, the last of which was not on sale but is super-fun), and it only cost me like 14 bucks total. Obviously the best thing.

A Kind of Fun, Kind of Tedious Thing: I spent most of Sunday working on comic stuff, which is really good. It was all on ridiculous ancillary stuff though, like writing careful emails to people, calculating image scales and toiling in spreadsheets, which is only fun as long as I don’t think about how I could have been doing anything else that wasn’t a grinding computer chore on my day off from work. Granted some cool stuff will probably come from all the crap tedium, but still, I probably should have been picking pumpkins with my girlfriend or something.

<3 Mike