Ah Taco Bell, efforts to create a wondrous “4th meal” aside, your great contribution to human history is probably going to be poop jokes.

Speaking of poop, here are some things I learned this weekend that have nothing to do at all with poop:

  • Black Swan: How did people actually finish watching this movie? After the 3,000th scene of Natalie Portman tearing strips of flesh off her fingers, aka 15 minutes into the movie, my girlfriend and I decided it would be more fun to watch ANYTHING WHERE PEOPLE AREN’T CONSTANTLY TEARING FLESH OFF THEIR FINGERS. GOD WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD?
  • X-men: First Class was a pretty awesome movie! I think the acting and writing for Professor X and Magneto was amazing. They did such a good job of capturing their personalities and essential flaws and strengths, it was just so fun. Also, Kevin Bacon was a pretty solid bad guy, especially in the opening scene of the movie!
  • Football is really fun to watch! After taking a season off, I just set up a digital antenna in my apartment so we can watch all the games live again. I don’t really have any teams I like that much even, except for the Patriots I guess, it’s just somehow really nice to know what’s going on and who’s winning or losing. I don’t know, I’m sure that kind of thinking is indicative of some deep psychological failing, like I have an acute and cow-like need to always be part of the crowd, but on the other hand, who even cares?

<3 Mike