Part 8 of our little series of beachside warfare. If you’re looking for part 1, you can hop right back with a little click here.

Potential item of interest: May be old news to those of you follow rap, but have you heard this song from Whiz Khalifa that totally jacks a riff from Chrono Trigger? NSFW-ish due to rap antics and some light cursing, but if you can, give it a listen. It’s totally Schala’s theme from Chrono Trigger, just slightly altered in timing. I mention this 1) because it’s pretty cool to hear fairly nerdy music getting such mainstream play and 2) the song makes no mention of Chrono Trigger or any themes appropriate to using Schala’s tune as far as I can tell. Like, Wiz doesn’t rap about exploited magic powers, abusive parent/child relationships or even plain old video games. Just the standard rap hijinks like “never slipper-slacking on his pimping” and etc., which makes the song so much more fascinating to me. I keep listening to it, trying to find a thematic connection, and the best I can find is a passing mention to taking someone’s girl and a mention of the (I think) defunct video game store Babbages, neither of which is a blinking, inarguable arrow to solid intent.

I guess they don’t have to relate, his producer or whatever just thinking it’s a cool loop (which it is), but that’s so disappointing to me. I’d really love for this song to be some club/MTV-friendly rap intentionally about Chrono Trigger, which I’ll admit is sort of a pointless and childish thing to want, but whatever, GRANT ME MY ECCENTRICITIES HERE PEOPLE.

<3 Mike