In New Jersey, throwing trash is how we solve all of our problems. Also I need to get myself some of those anti-boredom vitamins, cause my ennui-meter is pretty much 1,000 notches past maximum these days. Like, how is a dude supposed to deal with the drilling and utterly nauseating trudge that is day-to-day life?

Oh right.

Also! The new Pandora is officially out! If any of you guys want to add me, you can find me at “Mikecornnell” I guess? Who knows how this crap works? Maybe we can annoy and disgust each other with our awful music choices, that would probably be pretty fun.

Also! I cut the fuck out of my thumb playing with one of my girlfriend’s bread knives today. It was my spacebar thumb, which is making writing pretty much impossible right now. Rest assured, I am saying all of the curses right now.

<3 <3 <3,