More of our oceanic tale. If you missed the beginning, you can be there right now if your heart desires it.

In my most prideful moments, I like to think that you all read Lead Paint because you like funny things, and not, say, because you like watching a man and woman write and draw themselves to death (which is certainly also happening). If you like other funny things, you should start following Allison Agosti. Her Twitter is basically mandatory, giving such joys as:

“I can’t wait to have children! After every milestone in their lil’ lives I will hug and whisper, “I wish your mother was alive to see this.”"


“If anyone needs me, I’ll be asleep with my mouth open.”

But I would also suggest here Tumblr, which is loaded up with lovely things like a mean-yet-hilarious letter to Rachel Bilson and perfect videos about cat sitting.

You’re welcome,

<3 Mike