Part two of our adventure at the beach. To peep part 1, give a little click right here.

Happy Labor Day everyone! If you’re a working sap like the Danas and myself, enjoy your day off as slothfully as possible (nap in a pile of laundry in your bed, watch enough TV to make yourself sick, etc.). If you’re headed back to school in a few days, good luck this semester you poor, poor bastards.

For those of you cursed by God/forest sprites/haunted forests and have to work tomorrow, remember that we all have to take our lumps from fate sometimes, but probably no one is going to blame you if you’re about as productive as a 15-year-old boy with unsupervised internet access*. Slack off and join your lazy brothers and sisters in spirit.

<3 Mike


*Yes I am telling you to flood your workplace with as much frenetically gathered pornography as possible.