Realistically, ceremonial pomp is only fun at the end of a video game after killing the final boss and/or saving the kingdom. Anything else, it’s like, “What’s the big woop? It’s not like I saved the kingdom or anything. Put the streamers and celebratory narcotics away please.”

I will be moving this weekend, potentially rocking the “homestead without Internet” misery-slog for a week or two. I will be able to pop on here and there to check in on the site and all the lovely comments you leave for us here and on Facebook/Twitter, but for the most part it’s going to be a little quiet on the Mike front for a while. My apologies for the lapse in stewardship, but know that you’ll all be in my thoughts and dreams as I luxuriate in my new, non-coffin-sized apartment.

Also, I am on Google + now! You can add me at if that’s something you care about. I think I have invites too, so if you want in send me a note via or leave a comment or whatever and I’ll see what I can do.

<3 Mike