I think Samantha from Bewitched was the first crush* I ever had. I remember watching the show as a kid and being like, “This show is so stupid and unfunny and dull but I love it so much.”  Just the whole time the show was on I would think “I do not care what is happening at all but you are so hot wrinkle your nose please god wrinkle your nose yes thank you now do that self-satisfied smile thing.” I mean I’ll admit I haven’t seen an episode in over 20 years, but I have my memories of Elizabeth Montgomery rocking that black dress** and perfect posture, and I’m never letting them go. Even if they’re completely fictitious and a little creepy.

<3 Mike

*Well, first crush that was an actual person. The exact ordered timeframe is a little hazy, but around that age I remember being really into Penny from Inspector Gadget, Cheetara from Thundercats and Gadget from Rescue Rangers.

** Skimming though YouTube looking for Bewitched clips, it looks like the show mostly exists in a colorized format now. Not only does this somehow seem more boring to me, but I can’t find any clips of Samantha in a black dress. My will to live has taken a surprising plunge these last few minutes.