A little political humor for you all on this fine Fourth of July.

I hope everyone stateside with us has a safe and happy 4th. Eat your potato salads, see your families, enjoy your local controlled explosions, etcetera. I myself will be alone on the fourth, happily writing jokes about perverts/depression and cleaning my apartment for my coming move back to NJ.

Also, as the great and powerful Justin Boyd hipped me to on the Invisible Bread Blog, the online game retailer Steam is having a sale this week with ridiculous markdowns. I picked up Torchlight and Plants Vs. Zombies for 10 bucks total, which is basically the best thing that’s ever happened to me, and I’ve played with kittens and ridden skateboards before. Never at the same time though. Gotta be careful about peaking too soon in life.

<3 Mike