Oh Office Mouse, you really should consider some therapy or some yoga or something. Or alcoholism I guess. You know, whatever keeps the demons away.

Distorted rodent family dynamics aside, I suspect Father’s Day is a holiday that a good portion of people dread. Or maybe it’s Christmas, or Easter or Columbus Day, I don’t know. My point is that there is probably at least one day on the calendar where your family comes together and at least a part of  you wishes it wasn’t.

I feel like there should be a national anti-holiday so there is at least one day where we aren’t emotionally ground to bits over the threat of a family member losing it over a misdished plate of spinach salad. What this anti-holiday would be, I don’t know. Definitely something completely solitary, like spending the day alone in a mountaintop cabin or floating sleepily in a sensor-deprivation pod.

You could even pee in the pod and no one would know. It would be awesome.

<3 Mike