More of everyone’s food-minded pony.

For some reason I remember most of my family dinners as a kid revolving either around spaghetti or pizza and carrot sticks. I know we had other things, but those two meals are really what sticks out most in my mind. I’ve no idea why my mother chose to pair carrot sticks with pizza. I mean I get that pizza is unhealthy and it makes sense to match it with a vegetable when you’re serving it to your kids, but beyond that, why? It’s not like the tastes at all go together. I can’t really think of a more disparate food pair than carrots and pizza actually. Radishes and chocolate maybe?

Carrots and pizza is one of those weird motherly things that makes no sense but ends up becoming this obviously super-sweet motherly gesture in retrospect. I don’t know, I’m not really going anywhere with this, I just thought I share a weird and beloved childhood memory I guess.

Kind of an odd turn for a blog about a comic where a pony keeps brutally mule-kicking people, but don’t worry. The next 800 comics I’ve written are either about butts or the Iran-Contra scandal, so all this sentimentality will be out of here sooner than Oliver North can butt-butt on the butts.

<3 Mike


<3 Mike

They taste so good on my salad.