The return of everyone’s favorite meal-related pony.

French fries and Frosties are one of those weird food pairings that seems gross and juvenile until you actually try them, then it’s all “ding-ding, all aboard the inventive fatty express!”

If you’re looking for other food combinations that spurn social norms in order to fully embrace the id-glutton within us all, here are a few examples from my own culinary explorations:

- French Toast and Ketchup: I grew up thinking this was normal, but apparently not everyone does this?

- Pasta and Potatoes: Otherwise known as “Why don’t I ever go grocery shopping so I have more than two things to make a meal out of?” (Note: Tomato sauce is not a part of this mix. I go the olive oil and cheese route. Maybe it’d work with tomato sauce, and maybe it wouldn’t. I don’t think I’m brave enough to find out. Also I never buy tomato sauce.)

- A Block of Cheese and not Giving a Shit: Got some cheese lying around, like unshredded parmesan or maybe some bleu? Don’t make it into a meal, just eat it straight! It’s not like you have any dignity anyway.

- Leftovers and any Time That Could Loosely be Considered Breakfast: Some leftover pizza? Roast squab? A whole birthday cake? Don’t ask questions, just eat it for breakfast. Immediately.

-Discounted Candy and No Witnesses: After Halloween. Easter. Valentine’s Day. No witnesses, only pure, fire-sale induced joy.

<3 Mike