The cool thing about life is that if you don’t have enough real problems, you can always invent some of your own. I highly recommend it myself. Nothing distracts from the slow, grinding despair cause by your life’s dwindling quality than worrying about how best to enchant your computerized wizard’s armor or what kind of haircut to next give you dog (answer: it is always the kind that allows for the wearing of comic bandanas).

If you’re in the market for some electronic diversions, here are a couple tower defense flash games I’ve been enjoying lately:

- Cursed Treasure: Don’t touch my gems — Neat fixed-path TD game that’s moderately challenging depending on how you level your towers. Between maps, you can spend XP on skills that give permanent upgrades to your towers, which is pretty fun.

- Cursed Treasure: Level Pack — Same game as the first, but with new maps. A little more forgiving in it’s difficulty than the first game, though it’s possible I just understood the game a little better after playing the first so much, so I had a better idea on what skills I needed most to clear levels.

Enjoy, and be sure to place your lava towers in the right damn place,

<3 Mike