Pow! After a week or two of nonsense, it’s back for a little more character development. After this? More nonsense, or possibly a serious and abrupt turn into comics about child labor in the developing world. Who can really say? I’ve had a lot of ice cream tonight so there’s really no guessing where my mind is going to take us. We can hope for butt jokes, but we might get depressing revelations about the global economy.

Despite the death grip that ice cream, human suffering and World of Warcraft have on my mind most hours of the day, I’ve managed to get myself back into the habit of reading daily. I’m looking for some interesting nonfiction books to read, does anyone have any recommendations? It can be about anything, I don’t really care as long as it’s interesting and at least moderately well-written. History, cooking, Mississippi canoeing memoirs, whatever. I am grateful for any and all suggestions.

<3 Mike

Bad Religion — Stranger than Fiction

Great song that unfortunately looks like every rock video from the ’90s ever.