More Q&A time with our chatty spellcasting friend.

The detention dimension isn’t much different than regular detention. One bored teacher, reading a book that is probably an undeserving best-seller, sits watching and you five or six other kids in a room that’s meant to hold at least 45. You never know who your detention-mates are and can never imagine what they’ve done. They always look so inoffensive and out of place, much more like your Grandma in a prison cell than Judd Nelson sitting sullenly in a jean jacket. Their crimes are a mystery, your social constructs and stereotypes useless at deciphering any wrongdoings. Yes, the detention dimension is a mysterious and confusing place, but not much more so than the Earthly version. Well, except for a few key differences.

There is no gravity and occasionally random objects will shift from matter to living cobra and back again. You know, typical wizard crap.

<3 Mike