Little does Colin know, the real writing money isn’t in racist sock catalogs, but in ghostwriting sexually repressive blogs about wallpaper and windowsill gardening.

More failed idea excerpts from my almost-done journal:

  • “Depressichauns.” Like leprechauns, but when you find or catch one, instead of gold or wishes you just get really depressing stories. I don’t get what the joke was supposed to be here either.
  • “Funny midget comic.” I don’t even see how this one is an idea. I also don’t know why I was on such a small-man-joke-kick at one point.
  • “Armadillo rehab.” This comic was about man who stumbles upon an AA-like meeting of Armadillos coping with drug addiction and freaks out and gets all nervous, because he was actually looking for a meeting of people who were struggling with being addicted to armadillos. I feel like this idea has a funny core, but was too convoluted/I was never skilled enough to make it work.
  • “Madame Bovary comic.” A little more esoteric than what I typically aim for with Lead Paint jokes, this was also a horrible idea because I never finished the book so I don’t really know why I thought I’d be able to write a joke about it.
  • “Dr. Butts, Penis Magician.” These were supposed to be separate characters. I think Dr. Butts eventually became Butt Cops, and Penis Magician got killed because I try to limit the number of penis jokes I write for the site. If I didn’t, I’m fairly sure we’d be renaming the site: “Penis Comics: Comics about Penises, Penises and Penises” within about four hours.

<3 Mike