A little elaboration on a joke I touched on a few weeks back in a blog post.

Now and again people ask me about what’s good in super hero comics. Three or four years ago, it was a question that I could answer at a level of detail that 100% qualified as horrifying. I could tell you who was writing what books, the latest indie breakouts people were freaking out about, probably even what plot points were planned for the major books months and months down the road. I mean, for a while I was at the point where I would look at the monthly cover “leaks” I guess you would call them, cover images that the publishers release as teasers months before the book actually hits stands, for like 90% of Marvel’s and DC’s books. So, it’s safe to say that I used to know a lot/psychotic crap-ton about comics, and would be able to recommend a book to someone’s tastes with reasonable accuracy. Now though, not so much.

I think I read about 4 super-hero trade paperbacks a year, if that. It’s not that mainstream books have gotten worse or anything. I think it’s fair to say they suck the same they always have. I don’t know, I just stopped caring for some reason. I guess part of it’s because I have a full time job now, and I also spend a lot of time writing Lead Paint, trying to have a social life and otherwise keeping up with the general miscellany of existence. But busyness really isn’t a good reason to stop caring about something. I mean, I make plenty of time for video games, eating cookies and watching internet cat videos, and those are all things that could be qualified as “expensive, superfulous habits.” (Don’t think there’s a cost involved with cat videos? Why don’t you keep watching them and find out, hard ass?)

I don’t know, maybe the monotony of the genre finally wore me down. I still love the idea of super heroes and would love to write an action book some day, but as for keeping up on the current mainstream mythologies, I have almost no interest anymore. The most I get excited about these days are the new blockbuster comic book movies, which continue to be a weird, irresistible form of crapper-tainment for me.

<3 Mike