Another day, another look at the shames of living. Today I thought we’d focus on music, because eventually it becomes an embarrassment in most people’s lives, be it at 15 or 50.

Speaking of embarrassment, I thought it would be fun to share a few trashed/unrealized ideas from my notebook, since like I said on Monday, it’s almost full (wooooo!).

These ideas failed for plenty of reasons, but in general it’s safe to say that the prime two causes are lack of writing skill and just terrible, terrible idea generation. I’m just going to flip through and pick a few at random. Lord knows there are plenty to chose from. Enjoy!

  • Colin playing video games with Jesus, who is frustratingly good as Soul Calibur. Predictably Colin gets upset, Jesus acts snarky and I want to blow my brains out for coming with the most hackneyed webcomic idea ever.
  • Booger Ninja. I’m sure Dana remembers all the rewrites this one went through. He was a ninja that crept into people’s houses while they slept and stuck their fingers in their noses. Yeah I know, I’m surprised this one didn’t click too.
  • The phrase “cancer vs. racial identity,” written down with no accompanying notes to remind me what the hell I was thinking about.
  • “I just feel like talking about eyebeams,” in quotes, and that’s it.
  • Ham gun.
  • Spider Politician. He/she/it was supposed to be a huge, elephant-sized spider that was running for some kind of political office. It was able to talk, but didn’t understand people that well and always ended up eating them. This one almost clicked, except that I hate writing about politics.

That’s enough shame for now, but maybe I’ll share more down the road!

<3 Mike

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