Lots and lots of writing to do today, so I shouldn’t dawdle too much in the blog. Couple quick things:

  • I’ve been eating pancakes all day. My girlfriend made far more than either of us could eat for breakfast this morning, loading up with like 5 more servings for me to do with as I wish. I’ve eaten so many it’s gotten to the point were things are getting crazy and I’m not caring about the proper social frameworks that define all foods, i.e., dinner is going to be pancakes, syrup, cheddar cheese, sourdough pretzels and whatever chocolate I can find in the house.
  • UFC: Boy, Jon Jones sure did stomp the crap out of Shogun Rua. Sort of disappointing, only because I hate watching one-sided title fights unless I’m a huge fan of the winning fighter.
  • I have a $25 iTunes giftcard that I don’t know what to spend on. I’d like to download a season or two of a rad TV show. Any suggestions on what I should check out?

<3 Mike

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